3 x Our infused OILS

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3 x Our infused OILS

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Here’s a great deal to get our very popular oils. You’ll know how good it is when you try it. 

HAIR & BODY OIL - great for any type of hair, can be use as leave in or before shower to hidrate and also great body oil!

KAWAKAWA OIL - the kawakawa leaves are collected from our backyard, dried and gently infused in olive oil. Due to its healing properties, this oil is a everything kind of oil, can be use for moisture, smooth skin and also helps with itchy skin and eczema.

CALENDULA OIL- Ahh this in one of my favourite, it’s infused with organic calendula petals and has rose geranium and lavender essential oils, it’s aromatic and also very good for lighting hair, moisture body and face. The rose petals, lavender buds and chamomile flowers make a very pretty jar.