Meet the soapmaker

Pleased to meet you!

Born in Brazil, Marcela moved to New Zealand in 2007 when she was only 20 years old. With plans to improve her English, learn snowboarding and enjoy the kiwi lifestyle, after only 6 months, she was in love with the country. There was no way she was going back. She develop her love for New Zealand nature and got into rock climbing, tramping, snowboarding and turned to a mean chef.

After working for renamed restaurants in Queenstown, she was ready for new challenges in life. What she didn't know, was that everything was about to change.

Basing herself in Wellington, she continuing to pursue her passion for food. In love with the capital's coffee, weather and people, she found a new home and her other half.

As a forever learner and handmaker, she found a new hobbie: soapmaking. Like many other skills, she taught herself how to make her own natural soap. The passion only grew and the time was right, Underground Soapery was created.

Sharing her creation and passion for natural products, she cares for what she makes the same way she cooks. "If we care for what we eat, we should care for what we use in our skin" she says. She makes every batch of soap, butters, oils, bath bombs and salts like she's making for herself. 

She likes the idea of reusing and remaking materials. Nut milk cartoons becomes her soap moulds. The stall was built with wood pellets and her paper bags are handcrafted using old books. " if we use our creativity we can create wonders, it's my responsibility to care for our environment" she says.

You can meet Marcela on markets around Wellington, she would love to meet you and chat away.